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3,000 mAh Power Bank

Can’t depend on your phone battery to last a day let alone a weekend? You need a 3,000 mAh Power Bank that’ll ensure you stay connected. This Emergency Charger keeps your smartphone’s battery powered up wherever you are. It’s perfect for keeping with you at all times for when you find yourself low on power. It’s rechargeable battery is compatible with many devices, with 2 USB outputs for use with other charge cables – and you can charge two devices simultaneously. Its 2.4 A output is perfect for charging tablets. The long standby time allows you to keep handy for emergencies, and the compact design is convenient for storage.

3,000 mAh Power Bank

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Pack Contents

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Full Specifications

Battery type: rechargeable Li-ion 3.7 V, Capacity: 3000 mAh, Charge output: 1 A, Charging time: up to 5.5 hours, Input/Output voltage: 5 V


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